Jobst Ultrasheer 8-15 mmHg

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Whatever the occasion, the finely-fashioned Ultrashear compression stocking, made of fine yarn for a shimmering look and comfort, fits any wardrobe. You get to select from four different styles. Knee and thigh-high, and panty hose or maternity styles. The knee-high compression hosiery gives relief from dicomfort from fatigued legs, and stimulate the circulation for healthier feet. This helps with swelling, too. With the thigh-high socks, there is a silicon band that attractively keeps the socks from riding down. Both the maternity and pantyhose designs are trimmed with stylish floral patterns. The panty hose are French-cut, and the maternity style is brief-type.

Womens Shoe Size
4 1/2 - 6 1/2 (Extra Small)
7-9 (Small)
9 1/2 -11 (Medium)

Price: $11.25